[Samba] Slow windows -> cups print - CONCLUSION

Miguel Manso mmanso at amplitudenet.pt
Thu Jun 19 00:46:59 GMT 2003

Hi list,

I've just figured it out.

When we're installing the drivers from adobe there's a part where we must
"Select the Printer Model". By default it uses the "Generic Postscript Printer"
(it has an associated PPD for that). We must get a PPD for our printer
(installed on the linux server) from the www.linuxprinting.org, click the
"Browse" button and select that PPD. After that you'll have a new printer
installed an all will work like a charm.


Inside the PPD of my printer (HP OfficeJet 5110) I had these line (despite all
the others :) ):

*ShortNickName: "HP OfficeJet 5110, hpijs"
*NickName:      "HP OfficeJet 5110, Foomatic + hpijs (recommended)"

On the instalation of the Adobe drivers I had erros saying my printed had
illegal chars on it's name. So, I've replaced the previous lines with:

*ShortNickName: "HP OfficeJet 5110"
*NickName:      "HP OfficeJet 5110"

Hope this helps anyone.


Miguel Manso <mmanso at amplitudenet.pt>

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