[Samba] LAN Browsing shows IP Addresses instead of Computer Names.

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Thu Jun 19 09:47:44 GMT 2003

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Mega Spaz wrote:
> hmm.... looks like I'm gonna do it how I did it before and just add the
> ip address and computer name pairs in /etc/hosts and have my router
> assign static ip addresses.  Thanks for all the suggestions.  you guys
> are great.

Try nss_wins first, it *should* work.

> Although, I'd still like to know how MS Network Neighborhood does it.  I
> don't want to set up my linux box as a server of any type since it's a
> laptop and is often taken out of the network when I travel.  I mean
> let's just say for the sake of argument, that i've got a linux machine
> and a windows 98SE computer.  How does Network Neighborhood get the
> computer name of my linux machine?  Since I'm know I didn't set up the
> windows computer with any DNS or WINS server.  but i'll go with what
> works for both. Any thoughts, please feel free to post 'em. =)

Well, considering Windows started out without requiring TCP/IP, it's
pretty obvious they needed something else for name resolution.

It's kind of like asking why Unix machines work so well with DNS ...

WINS was developed by MS to mitigate problems with their bad DNS support
and the inability to browse large networks via broadcast.

IMHO, the problem is actually with Lisa/kio_lan, it doesn't do the right
things, since windows9x boxes shouldn't be connected to by their dns
hostname, but their netbios name, doesn't query the master browser,
doesn't show workgroups, and doesn't support WINS ... file bug reports
in KDE bugzilla against lisa and kio_lan, this is not a samba problem.


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