[Samba] Problem with WinXP-Pro clients, samba-3.0-alpha-24

Daniel Paul paul at versicherungsforen.net
Fri Jun 13 12:37:54 GMT 2003


I have a problem regarding samba-3.0 (alpha24 on RedHat 9) and Windows XP
professional clients.

First: Yes, I tried everything regarding the Registry Hacks
(RequireSignOrSeal, SealSecurityChannel)
and also the profile acls = yes in the smb.conf.

Samba is in PDC mode with LDAP backend. All other windows clients (incl.
2000) working properly.
I can join the domain with XP client successfully (says "welcome to
domain"), but when I try to
log into domain it says "The computer can not log you on now, because the
domain is currently

Any help would be very appreciated.


Daniel Paul

e-Mail: paul-at-versicherungsforen.net

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