[Samba] Samba XP

Adrian Chow achow at gandalf.uwcsea.edu.sg
Thu Jun 12 13:05:33 GMT 2003

Hi,  (Please reply to this address rather than the one posted previously)

I am a newbie when it comes to XP and samba.  I am planning to install
samba domain controller for XP, 2000 machines.  I read a bit about the
registry hacking and some documents on the internet.

But I need the following details to set up the server:-
1.  Samba version
2.  Linux kernel version (preferably what distribution and what version)
THe lesser the bugs the better.
3.  What patch level should I have for the samba
4.  Any more sites that tells me how to setup the XP Pro Clients with the
samba server?



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