[Samba] Samba XP

Bas Goes b.e.a.goes at student.utwente.nl
Thu Jun 12 12:59:59 GMT 2003


But I need the following details to set up the server:-
1.  Samba version

When you're a newbe start with the latest stable version, 2.2.8a, you
should have searched for that on samba.org, you need nothing else from

2.  Linux kernel version (preferably what distribution and what version)

Hmm I am not going to start here. Distro doesn't make a lot of a
difference, I prefer Debian, but I could live with any distro.

4.  Any more sites that tells me how to setup the XP Pro Clients with
samba server?

I used four howto's:
This one is the best for XP hassles:

Search on:

samba.idealx.org for their samba-ldap-pdc howto if you're planning on
using ldap (if you're planning a domain woth lots of users it might be a
good idea)
and use this one:

And the last thing I used for simple questions was the howto collection
and faq's that come with the samba package.

Hope to be of help.

Regards Bas
PS: Most answers are pretty easy to find with google, the documentation
on samba.org or the mailinglist archives

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