[Samba] Do we need WINS Replication?

Michael Smirnov smbsmb at mail.ru
Fri Jun 6 15:04:26 GMT 2003

We have 2 segments of the corporate network,
which are connected by a unstable(~90% uptime) 2Mbps link.
This link cannot be made better.
So, we are to use 2 WINS servers(both Samba 2.2.8a) - one server in one segment.
However, if 2 clients register on 2 different WINS servers,
they can't mount network drives of each other.
I've tried to use the WINS servers as primary and secondary 
for all clients, so most of the time all clients register 
on the same server (primary).

However, if a Windows2000-based computer boots when the link is down
it registers on the WINS server, which can be connected to;
but doesn't return to the primary server when the link is up.

I know only one solution of it - use WINS replication,
but Samba 2.2.8a still doesn't support it.
Why - are any other solutions?

Probably the MS WINS replication protocol is hard to be reverse-engeneered,
but I'd like to use replication at least between 2 Samba's, no MS Windows!
I'm always ready to test such a thing!

Here are some "bad" solutions I found on the list archives:
1. Use Windows WINS servers in both segments. 
   (Pff, I hate to use Windows as a server!)
2. Use only one WINS server in both segments
   (What will happen when the link is down?!)

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