[Samba] Do we need WINS Replication?

Alceu R. de Freitas Jr. glasswalk3r at yahoo.com.br
Fri Jun 6 16:53:10 GMT 2003

What about having two samba boxes, one running as a
wins proxy and the other as wins server?

You could use a tool to check the link avaliability
(there are some of them already) with a tool, and when
the link is download, you can stop samba and restart
it with a different configuration file (and with this
file the server would be a wins server).

Hey, I never tried this. Is just an idea, and I don´t
know if it will work.

 --- Michael Smirnov <smbsmb at mail.ru> escreveu: > We
have 2 segments of the corporate network,
> which are connected by a unstable(~90% uptime) 2Mbps
> link.
> This link cannot be made better.
> So, we are to use 2 WINS servers(both Samba 2.2.8a)
> - one server in one segment.
> However, if 2 clients register on 2 different WINS
> servers,
> they can't mount network drives of each other.
> I've tried to use the WINS servers as primary and
> secondary 
> for all clients, so most of the time all clients
> register 
> on the same server (primary).
> However, if a Windows2000-based computer boots when
> the link is down
> it registers on the WINS server, which can be
> connected to;
> but doesn't return to the primary server when the
> link is up.
> I know only one solution of it - use WINS
> replication,
> but Samba 2.2.8a still doesn't support it.
> Why - are any other solutions?
> Probably the MS WINS replication protocol is hard to
> be reverse-engeneered,
> but I'd like to use replication at least between 2
> Samba's, no MS Windows!
> I'm always ready to test such a thing!
> Here are some "bad" solutions I found on the list
> archives:
> 1. Use Windows WINS servers in both segments. 
>    (Pff, I hate to use Windows as a server!)
> 2. Use only one WINS server in both segments
>    (What will happen when the link is down?!)
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