[Samba] SPOOLSV and XP PRO

Ryan Beisner ryan at prattusa.com
Wed Jun 4 01:56:29 GMT 2003

Hi All

I recently began having issues where there would be a runaway SMBD
process listed in TOP, having a Pri of around 25, and using 70 to 95%
CPU indefinitely.

IPTRAF reports around 600kbps constantly in and out from the subject
workstation, with nothing going on - on the workstation.  This traffic
is parallel to the runaway SMBD process ... the traffic dies when the
SMBD process is eliminated.

Issuing a kill command on it seems to have no affect -- it just ignores.

I used IPTRAF's lan station monitor to see from which workstation the
session originated.  Once I found the workstation I shut it down.  

The runaway SMBD process ended, having 80 to 90% CPU free on the file
and print server.

Immediately upon booting these XP PRO workstations (not all of them),
the SMBD process goes crazy again.  I've now run into two different PCs
that do this to our server.

If I kill the SPOOLSV.EXE service in the XP task manager, the runaway
SMBD process ends immediately.  The downfall is that XP PRO machine then
can't print.

To dig a little deeper, I tried this:  booted the PC, verified that the
SMBD process indeed was haywire, then deleted the three network printer
configurations from the XP PRO control panel.  Boom!  That SMBD process
ended again.

I have enabled devmode in the conf as indicated in the docs, which did
not resolve the problem.

All information you can throw my way, related or not, is greatly


-Ryan Beisner


SYSTEM INFO:  Dell PIII Rackmount PowerEdge
I have Samba 2.2.7 on RedHat 7.3 which has been running stable for quite
some time.  There are over 50 workstations (98, XP, 2000).

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