[Samba] POINT TO POINT printer drivers

Mauricio Oliveira Carneiro carneiro at tecgraf.puc-rio.br
Wed Jun 4 02:41:44 GMT 2003

Hi everyone,

	I've just configured EVERYTHING for my printer ( HP PSC 1120 ) to work on 
my linux box. And it does perfectly. I've also configured samba, and it 
works. I've shared the printer through samba, and still everything is ok.

	But, as the printer is USB only, windows do not have the driver 
installation for network printing. That's ok, cause I installed and 
configured the PPD file of the printer (from linuxprinting.org) with CUPS, 
and it is working fine in linux.

	I read *ALL* (I really mean it) the "Samba 3.0 Printing HOWTO" and 
successfuly did the following things :

	-Enabled the print$ dir
	-Installed the printer driver there (with rpcclient adddriver)

	But the LAST command :

	rpcclient localhost -U'root%xxx' -c "setdriver hp1210 hp1210"

	keeps telling me :

		cmd = setdriver hp1210 hp1210

	while the commands :

		cmd = enumdrivers
 		[Windows NT x86]
		Printer Driver Info 1:
		Driver Name: [hp1210]

		cmd = enumprinters
        		description:[\\localhost\hp1210,,HP 1210]
        		comment:[HP 1210]

	tell me that the printer is there, and the driver is there.

	I don't know if this has anything to do with permissions, but I've turned 
my "/etc/samba/drivers/" dir into something world writable, util I make 
this driver works, then I turn it back. (also put : writable = yes under 
the smb.conf).

	I'd really appreciate some help here. By the way, I'm using samba 2.2.7a- 
8.9.0 , in a Red Hat 9.0

Mauricio Oliveira Carneiro

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