[Samba] Samba over the Internet...

robowarp at gmx.de robowarp at gmx.de
Thu Jul 31 17:58:25 GMT 2003

you better should study basics of networking and firewalling.
only an idiot would open smb 135up tp 139 to the web.
Cause means your machine would be open to anybody *lol.
After all you have to descripe what network setup do you have....firewall
rules etc at home and in work.
Normally you would do this stuff via tunneling (pptp , cipe , freeswan )
but you can also setup an apache with kind of smb perl scriptsto browse the
The easiest way is to connect to your samba via ssh portforwarded to your
firewall and use 
winscp ( if you want use win ).
But sorry study more facts and post your needs with facts.

> Is it possible to allow login into one of my machines over the internet.
> I currently have Samba running as PDC and from my house, I can access
> the computer just fine when I'm using WinXP.  There are no problems with
> that, when I'm at home, the specific directory I want is mapped to a
> drive letter.  However I would like to be able to do the same from work.
> Is this possible?  In other words, I would like be able to access a
> specific directory remotely and map it.
> I've searched the google for "Samba over the Internet" and have found
> that it is possible, but not how to do it.
> When mapping I try
> \\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\homeDir <file:///\\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\homeDir> 
> \\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\sharedDir <file:///\\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\sharedDir> 
> and both of them prompt me for username and password.  It asks for 
> username: \\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\username <file:///\\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\username> 
> password:
> any ideas experience with this?
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