[Samba] Samba over the Internet...

Marian Mlcoch, Ing mm at tsmp.sk
Thu Jul 31 08:39:41 GMT 2003

first your try is bad not use explorer but command prompt dos window on XP!
Second you understand that over inet connect is not strict secured for
posible attack.
At end you must have open routing for port 139.

type on command window

net use x: \\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\homeDir

next two choices if on samba created is username as on XP with identic
smbpassword then you map automatic without type any passwords. When is not
identical you must enter password of samba user but username must be identic
on samba and xp. Last choice is explicit login as another username and
password exist on samba but not as xp.
In username and password not type any
> username: \\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\username <file:///\\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\username>
only name and pass as is created on samba. If on samba have guest ok then
not need any name or pass if username of xp logged user not exist on
smbpasswd is mapped as guest.


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> Is it possible to allow login into one of my machines over the internet.
> I currently have Samba running as PDC and from my house, I can access
> the computer just fine when I'm using WinXP.  There are no problems with
> that, when I'm at home, the specific directory I want is mapped to a
> drive letter.  However I would like to be able to do the same from work.
> Is this possible?  In other words, I would like be able to access a
> specific directory remotely and map it.
> I've searched the google for "Samba over the Internet" and have found
> that it is possible, but not how to do it.
> When mapping I try
> \\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\homeDir <file:///\\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\homeDir>
> \\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\sharedDir <file:///\\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\sharedDir>
> and both of them prompt me for username and password.  It asks for
> username: \\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\username <file:///\\xxx.xxx.xx.xxx\username>
> password:
> any ideas experience with this?
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