[Samba] KDE + winbind + home directories mounted off the Samba PDC

Przemyslaw Tokarski przemek at zpk.u.lodz.pl
Thu Jul 31 13:50:41 GMT 2003

Hello !!

 Has anybody successfully implemented the similar setup ?

1. R.H. 7.2 (production kernel - 2.4.7-10) + Samba PDC (2.2.8a) with unix 
extensions enabled 
2. Samba client (2.2.8a) running R.H. Linux 7.2 (kernel 2.4.18 patched for 
cifs) + winbind + pam_mount
3. KDE + home directories mounted off the Samba PDC.

...points 1-2 work OK, still unable to figure out how to implement point
3. Users always get authenticated againt SAMBA PDC and home directories
get mounted (when I log into FVWM desktop), but when I try to log into KDE
it almost immediately kicks me out. I tracked down the problem to (I
guess) symbolic links (and maybe other filesystem features also) not
present in smbfs and I tried to utilize cifs - this did not help either -
cifs as of today can not create symbolic links either. Does a patch (for
smbmount e.g.) exist that enables processes/users to create symbolic links
on a smbfs mounted share ? I`d like very much to hear from people who made
it all work together. 

Best regards 
Przemyslaw Tokarski
Lodz, Poland

I will summarize, of course.

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