[Samba] Win98 No Folders in shares

s.buchmueller at media-control.de s.buchmueller at media-control.de
Thu Jul 31 12:57:51 GMT 2003

Hi Folks,

I hope you can Help me.

I have a SAMBA-Server (look the conf).

the Clients are normally WinNT service pack 6 ====> all is ok,

but I have 2 Clients Win98 with Probs : I can see the share, I can open the share, I can see Files but I can't see
Folders. The strange thing is if I type the folder it will open it ! ( like this : \\unidata02\media-isl\TEST)

I think that the Folders have Hide-Folder Bit, but I don't want it. How can I let the Win98-Clients see the folders in my shares ?

Thank you very much

Admin LangeStr. 65.

(See attached file: smb.conf)

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