[Samba] Logging in taking too long with roaming profile

Damian Gerow damian at sentex.net
Wed Jul 30 21:04:07 GMT 2003

Thus spake Damian Gerow (damian at sentex.net) [30/07/03 16:40]:
> So we've narrowed this down to a problem with XP and Samba 3.0b[13].  Can
> anyone give a hand at trying to figure out /exactly/ what's going on?  The
> only thing I can think of doing next is to really bump up the logging level.

Okay, I bumped the log level up to 10.

Oddly, the first workstation I tried stopped the delay immediately
afterwards -- I could log in in five seconds flat.

So I tried another workstation.  There *lots* of logs -- if anyone feels
like looking at it, see http://www.sentex.net/~damian/logon.log.  There's a
fair bit of what looks like repeated logging in there, but this is way
beyond my ability to figure out (I go glassy-eyed just looking at the

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