[Samba] Logging in taking too long with roaming profile

Damian Gerow damian at sentex.net
Wed Jul 30 20:36:29 GMT 2003

Thus spake Ed Kwan (ekwan at sentex.ca) [28/07/03 21:40]:
> I am trying to setup a network of 5  XP computers with roaming profiles.
> I've got a profile set up on the server and I can log on.  The problem
> is that the log in time takes about 10 mins and the log out takes just
> as long.  Here is a link to the log file from the samba server.  I
> have made comments on it to show what is happening on the terminal.

FWIW, this does not happen with the same samba installation, and a Windows
2000 workstation, all service packs, patches, etc.  Logging in takes all of
about three seconds.

So we've narrowed this down to a problem with XP and Samba 3.0b[13].  Can
anyone give a hand at trying to figure out /exactly/ what's going on?  The
only thing I can think of doing next is to really bump up the logging level.

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