[Samba] Using Winbind with Squid

Ian Clancy ClancyIan at cel.ie
Wed Jul 30 12:19:24 GMT 2003

I've configured a squid proxy server to use the wb_auth module to
authenticate NT Users . I'm aware that this is not the squid users mailing
list but since the wb_auth modle uses the winbind application i thought this
might be a good place to look for some help.
Basically, the wb_auth module asks winbind to authenticate a users. Winbind
then returns a '0' if the authentication was successful, or a '1' if the
authentication was unsuccessful. This is working perfectly except for one
problem. I want to be able to authenticate only specified users or groups.
At the moment every domain user is able to use the proxy server. Can anyone
think of a way to get winbind to only authenticate members of an 'Internet
Users' group ?.

Has anyone any previous experience of the setup ?
All help much appreciated.

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