[Samba] Re: I've always HATED printing with Samba

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Tue Jul 29 10:34:03 GMT 2003

>>Let's step back and try some other scenarios. Attach
>>the printer locally to a client and see if the client
>>software then works satisfactorily. Then let that
>>client share the printer and try to print from 
>>another PC. 
>I already know that this will work as I've done it 
>before. It also shares fine over XP as that is how 
>I'm using it now. I want it on the server though.
>As I mentioned before, when I am doing testing on the 
>server box I just unplug the USB from the XP client 
>box and move it over to the server. I've tried both 
>on-board USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 card plugs (I was 
>guessing that they werer probably different 
>chipsets... a shot in the dark).

USB? No problem. But first make it run as a printer
for Linux users. Once that is OK, try letting samba
share it with other clients.

>>In order to be able to know what exactly that other 
>>client gets from the printer-serving client, clean 
>>the respective drivers' cache first. You do that by 
>>opening the "Printers" window of your "System 
>>control panel", right-click on the background and 
>>choose "Server properties". Then go to the "Drivers" 
>>tab, click on each entry pointing to that printer 
>>and press "Delete" button. 

>Will have to send results on this in a different 
>email as this user doesn't have access and you can't 
>do user switching when on a Domain.

"runas local-pc\Administrator explorer.exe" from the
DOX box should work under all circumstances.

PS: Your subject line sucks.

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