[Samba] FBSD jail - PDC

Stefan Kraemer mail at skraemer.net
Sat Jul 26 14:00:56 GMT 2003

Hello everybody!

I succesfully run a samba-server on my FreeBSD machine.
Among other things it acts as a Windows PDC.

A few days ago I put it into a FreeBSD-jail, and it works still only one
feature missing - the PDC.

The log says the samba-server becomes domain logon server but on my Windows
XP machines i got the error-message, that no PDC for the configured domain
can be found.

Did somebody have an idea?

If you need logs please e-mail me.

Regards, Stefan

PS: Excuse my english. ;)

Stefan Kraemer <mail at skraemer.net>
GPG/PGP-Key: http://www.skraemer.net/
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