[Samba] Marginal write performance & pauses in outgoing transfers -Possible bug

Nicolas Gieczewski lists.samba.org at nixsoftware.com
Tue Jul 29 03:40:08 GMT 2003

Been there, tested that. The problem is the same no matter what application I use for the test transfers. Also, by reading through Samba's logs I noticed the file is opened once when the transfer starts and closed when it's finished, so there's nothing oplock-related in the way (I did fiddle with it anyhow just as a last resort, with no positive results as I expected). There aren't any other clients sharing my test files anyway.

Thanks for the reply though. I'll keep you all posted on my odd happenings :)

Nicolas Gieczewski
Nix Software Solutions

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Test you transfer from samba location?
If not try use smbclient to connect w2k and test transfer.
Second test is Another clean W2k station test.

Possible this can be a problem with kernel oplock, oplocks and level2
combination this is aplied when file is reading from samba disk but when
writing to samba maybe not used with fast speed.


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