[Samba] samba and OS X 10.2.6 problems

Daniel Wittenberg daniel-wittenberg at uiowa.edu
Fri Jul 25 20:25:19 GMT 2003

I've got a 10.2.6 box that when it copies large files (5-8GB) it will
eventually die.  This last time I got the end of the transmission with
ethereal from the samba server.  I did some searching for the "Unknown
DOS error (9e)" but couldn't find anything helpful  Right after the
error is logged the smb share is dumped off the desktop of the Mac, but
samba still shows it connected.  If I clear the connection from the
samba server it can login and do the same thing again, but otherwise the
Mac has to reboot.

Anyone else seen this ??

170.957153 -> SMB Open Request, Path: \._Hard
170.957424 -> SMB Open Response, FID: 0x29ee
170.957816 -> SMB Transaction2 Request
FIND_FIRST2, Pattern: \._Hard Drive_asr.dmg
170.958063 -> SMB Transaction2 Response
FIND_FIRST2, Files: ._Hard Drive_asr.dmg
170.958337 -> SMB Read AndX Request, FID:
0x29ee, 512 bytes at offset 0
170.958417 -> SMB Read AndX Response, FID:
0x29ee, 512 bytes
170.958775 -> SMB Locking AndX Request, FID:
170.958918 -> SMB Locking AndX Response, Error:
Unknown DOS error (9e)
170.959245 -> SMB Close Request, FID: 0x29ee
170.959496 -> SMB Close Response

Daniel Wittenberg
Senior Unix Admin
University of Iowa - ITS

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