[Samba] Changing IP address in LInux does not change IP address for WINS registration

Eddy.Steenbergen at dpiwe.tas.gov.au Eddy.Steenbergen at dpiwe.tas.gov.au
Fri Jul 25 01:51:03 GMT 2003


I have my samba server (redhat) configured to use an external wins server. 
Each time samba starts up, it registers its netbios name with the wins 
server. So far so good. 

Then we wanted to deploy the samba box to a new location and new IP 
address. We changed the ip address in Linux in /etc/hosts, 
/etc/sysconfig/network & /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0. 

When samba restarts it still registers with wins with the original ip 
address. Running nmblookup 'servername' also shows old IP address.

Why? and how can I fix it? 

Is the IP address built into the samba installation?

Eddy Steenbergen, Team Leader Internal Systems, Corporate IT, Dept Primary 
Industries Water and Environment, Tasmania, Australia, 
ph: (03) 6233-3838

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