[Samba] 2 issues using SAMBA as a print server

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Thu Jul 24 23:42:29 GMT 2003

> Any suggestions as how to give the Windows XP permissions to
> see and delete their own jobs?

This may depend on which printing system you have on the linux box.  A lot
of people seem to be using cups, about which I know nothing. 

I use lprng. There is a file called lpd.perms, which hangs out in /etc on my
system.  This is the most convoluted, unix like configuration file I have
ever seen. But, it is flexible. See man lpd.perms for info about it.

	If you don't like the man pager, then:
	man -t lpd.perms > junk.ps
	ps2pdf junk.ps junk.pdf
	acroread junk.pdf

To make everything work as expected, without any particular security or
usage limitation, I just put:
DEFAULT ACCEPT as the first and only line in my lpd.perms file.

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