[Samba] sendfile

Milan Roubal roubal at jobatlas.cz
Thu Jul 24 23:30:40 GMT 2003

I am trying to make sendfile work with samba. 
I have compiled samba with --with-sendfile-support
and I have got in smb.conf
use sendfile = yes
but sendfile is not working. When I use strace 
to look to the process smbd, it is not using sendfile.
If I try ProFTPd I can see using sendfile in strace.
What may be wrong? Samba is version 2.2.8a
SuSE linux 8.1
kernel 2.4.19, datas on XFS filesystem
Thanx for any help
    Milan Roubal
    roubal at jobatlas.cz

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