[Samba] Different versions of profile on local machine

Max Harvey IT at smc.ac.nz
Thu Jul 24 02:38:49 GMT 2003


My Win2k Box has ended up with more than one version of a users profile,
they are named username.DOMAIN.001  (and the others are .002, .003 etc.)

How can I stop it from doing this, as MS Outlook XP is throwing a fit as
it has (for some really dumb reason) set its file locations to the
absolute location of the profile, which then changed as the second time
it loaded it placed it under a different name.

Also, on the same subject, how can I have the windows box delete the
local copy of the profile after logout, once it has update the server
copy. I have a few boxes which have a lot of users, and it simply
doesn't have the HD space to keep copies of all those profiles!


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