[Samba] problem running logon script

Bob Crandell bob at assuredcomp.com
Wed Jul 23 19:47:51 GMT 2003


The logon script is a DOS batch file.  Linux won't run that.  What you can do is use
/etc/profile and /etc/fstab combined to automatically mount and unmount drives per user.

In /etc/fstab
# For a share that everyone uses.
//server/Public  /mnt/Public smbfs
# Adjust the permissions to suit your situation.
# Set one of these up for each user.
//server/home    /home/userA/Data smbfs
//server/home    /home/userB/Data smbfs

In /etc/profile
# User mounts home directory
if [ -e ~/Data ]; then
   mount ~/Data
# User dismounts at logofff
trap "sudo /bin/umount ~/Data; /usr/bin/clear" EXIT

I created a Data directory to keep the user's work on the server and his/her
settings local.

I hope this gets you started.

Orban Zoltan (zoltan.orban at tinycreatures.ro) wrote:
>We have at the firm a Windows 2000 Domain Controler. I recently configured
>a linux box, configured samba and joined the Win2000 DC. Everything went
>fine, i can connect to the Win DC, but i have a problem. On the DC there
>is a logon script, that basically defines a place on the Win DC where
>certain programs should keep their files and maps on every client two
>shares, that again reside on the DC. How can i set up my linux box to use
>that logon script? I was thinking of maping the windows shares through
>fstab, but the trouble is that all the time the shares get mounted
>somewhere else. Eg. user A logs on, then the logon script should map the
>windows shares to /home/my_domain/userA, when user B logs on it should map
>them to /home/my_domain/userB etc.
>I searched a lot, and found tons of doc of how to run logon scripts when
>the linux box is a samba DC and windows is the client, but i found nothing
>for the other way around.
>Thanks you for all,
>Best wishes,

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