[Samba] Windows 2K roaming profiles

Sravan Kudithipudi sravan at ccs.uky.edu
Tue Jul 22 16:00:43 GMT 2003

Hi all,
 I have a problem regarding profiles.

 One of the users had a widows 2k machine which he is using for a long time. I have installed samba as the domain logon server with roaming profiles. The problem is when the user logs on to the server, since he doent have a profile yet on the server, a temporary profile is copied in the local machine when he logs on and sent to the server. I dont want this behaviour as he already have lots of settings on his machine.

 Is there anyway to disable roaming profiles on windows2k so that it will logon to the server but will get local profiles instead..or a way to copy already existing profiles to the server...


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