[Samba] Re: Replace NT4 PDC

Jamrock dmc_jamrock at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 17 01:21:09 GMT 2003


How did you set up your BDC?

What do you replicate and how often?

"Robert Adkins" <radkins at impelind.com> wrote in message
news:00b701c34bc9$293f7480$e6fea8c0 at radkins...
> >
> > Give yourself plenty of time - this isn't something you cobble
> together in
> > a
> > weekend.  I did it (planning/lab/roll-out) in about 2-and-a-half
> months
> > and
> > I feel I rushed it.  Make sure your PDC/BDC has plenty of RAM.  I've
> got
> > no
> > less than 768M in my machines and I feel pretty comfortable with that.
> > I've
> > not had to "hit the swap" once - yet!
> You must not work in "The Real World", I had to make the NT 4.0
> to Samba PDC change-over in three days... So, it is possible to make the
> switch VERY quickly if you need to. It ended up taking another handful
> of days to work out all the wrinkles of permissions and rights.
> Of course, I only had one PDC and one office to deal with... I
> just had no extra machines to muck about with... The real pain I had was
> making the change-over to roaming profiles...
> BTW, you can make a Samba BDC for a Samba PDC, within the same
> office space. I have that configured right now as a fail-over system.
> That took a few extra weeks to build, but in the end it has all turned
> out pretty darn good.
> I also have to agree that you should have as much RAM as you can
> cram into those servers. With a large amount of RAM you can run an
> amazing number of processes with little to no slow-down or server error.
> Regards,
> Robert Adkins
> IT Manager/Buyer
> Impel Industries, Inc.
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