[Samba] Replace NT4 PDC

Robert Adkins radkins at impelind.com
Wed Jul 16 18:36:23 GMT 2003

> Give yourself plenty of time - this isn't something you cobble
together in
> a
> weekend.  I did it (planning/lab/roll-out) in about 2-and-a-half
> and
> I feel I rushed it.  Make sure your PDC/BDC has plenty of RAM.  I've
> no
> less than 768M in my machines and I feel pretty comfortable with that.
> I've
> not had to "hit the swap" once - yet!

	You must not work in "The Real World", I had to make the NT 4.0
to Samba PDC change-over in three days... So, it is possible to make the
switch VERY quickly if you need to. It ended up taking another handful
of days to work out all the wrinkles of permissions and rights.

	Of course, I only had one PDC and one office to deal with... I
just had no extra machines to muck about with... The real pain I had was
making the change-over to roaming profiles...

	BTW, you can make a Samba BDC for a Samba PDC, within the same
office space. I have that configured right now as a fail-over system.
That took a few extra weeks to build, but in the end it has all turned
out pretty darn good.

	I also have to agree that you should have as much RAM as you can
cram into those servers. With a large amount of RAM you can run an
amazing number of processes with little to no slow-down or server error.

	Robert Adkins
	IT Manager/Buyer
	Impel Industries, Inc.

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