[Samba] passwd program not called as root

Thilo Rößler el-nino at gmx.li
Wed Jul 16 08:54:00 GMT 2003

> > I changed loglevel to 103 and enabled password chat debug. From what
> > I found in the log-files, I can conclude that the the passwd program
> > ist NOT run as root (obviously, the OLD password is requested as
> > well).
> This does not have to mean it is not run as root. Do you run NIS?

No, I don't ...
This server ist just for testing anbd kept as simple als possible ;-)

> Does it work for you, if you run passwd manually?

That is exactly the point ... if I run it was root (for example "passwd 
testuser"), I am NOT asked for the old password (what seems reasonable ... 
how should root change forgotten passwords if he was asked for it?).
Running "passwd" or "passwd testuser" as testuser, I am asked for the old 
password. For this reason my conclusion was that passwd is not executed as 
root ...


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