[Samba] XP logon, Office XP and Virtual Basic

viktor bautista i roca vbroca at drac.com
Tue Jul 15 11:23:37 GMT 2003

I have a smb server (2.2.4 on a linux slackware 8.1).

It will substitute a windows NT server.

Right now, we are testing it on a client using windows XP professional
spanish edition with the service packs installed.

After it works, we will migrate from the NT to the samba server,a nd the
clients will be xp professional, xp home edition and windows 98.

Now, the problems...

I can access the smb server from the XP Pro, and connect to any shared dir
(plain text password enabled on regedit) but even if I mark on the
connections option connect again on start, it doesn't connect at all after
I reboot the box or close the session.

Second problem... I've installed on the smb server a network office XP.
Over the NT server (exactly same installation) it works perfectly. Over
the samba server the virtual basic doesn't work at all. It means every
time i want to do a macro (i've tested it in Word, Excell and Powerpoint)
it answers me it can not save it. Even more, every time I open Excell it
says that there is a compilation error on a hidded module: ThisWorkbook.

Any suggestions?

Really thanks

Viktor Bautista i Roca.
DRAC telemàtic

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