[Samba] passwd program not called as root

Christopher Odenbach odenbach at hni.upb.de
Wed Jul 16 08:30:37 GMT 2003


> I have downloaded and compiled Samba3b2 on a SuSE 8.2 machine. For
> testing purpose, I connect to this machine with a Win2k-Box ... most
> things seem to work fine, but I am unable so change passwords from
> the win-box with unix password sync enanbled.
> I changed loglevel to 103 and enabled password chat debug. From what
> I found in the log-files, I can conclude that the the passwd program
> ist NOT run as root (obviously, the OLD password is requested as
> well).

This does not have to mean it is not run as root. Do you run NIS? Is 
your samba server the NIS master? If not, passwd will ask for the old 

Does it work for you, if you run passwd manually?

To find out what happens, you can write a wrapper for passwd that 
prints out UID, GID, EUID, EGID (simple thing in perl).


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