[Samba] passwd program not called as root

Thilo Rößler el-nino at gmx.li
Tue Jul 15 11:07:08 GMT 2003

Hallo to everybody out there,
I have downloaded and compiled Samba3b2 on a SuSE 8.2 machine. For testing 
purpose, I connect to this machine with a Win2k-Box ... most things seem to 
work fine, but I am unable so change passwords from the win-box with unix 
password sync enanbled.
I changed loglevel to 103 and enabled password chat debug. From what I found 
in the log-files, I can conclude that the the passwd program ist NOT run as 
root (obviously, the OLD password is requested as well). nmbd and smbd are 
run as root ... unix password sync is set to yes ... I don't have any useful 
idea anymore ... maybe somebody from the list? ;-)

Thanks in advance


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