[Samba] Vijay - samba box not seen in browse list.

Vincent.Badier at alcatel.fr Vincent.Badier at alcatel.fr
Tue Jul 15 11:06:26 GMT 2003

>when you not understand security modes of samba i can not help you...
>but i try
>first remove errors from smb.conf replace:
>interfaces =
>; not needed remote announce =
>local master = yes
>second create samba users and passwords if not have this in shell
>useradd user1
>smbpasswd -a user1
>... userX
>If you need connect from w2k then try use connect as and type user1 and
>user1pass in dialog or logon w2k as user1 with identic password as on
>smbpasswd entered.

Shouldn't he configure also
security = domain ?

Doing this he doesn't have to identify himself as a diffrent user.

Also, what look like logs when trying to connect?


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