[Samba] Use Samba as Fileserver, auth to LDAP? (No PDC stuff)

Hulslander, Ryan Ryan.Hulslander at ps.net
Tue Jul 15 14:56:01 GMT 2003

I see docs out there on using SAMBA as a PDC and going against LDAP for
authentication, but I'm confused. Where pray tell can I find docs on just
building a fileserver in Linux/SAMBA that the user authenticates against an
external LDAP server in order to gain access to files? No PDC, no domain
stuff, just a plain-vanilla fileserver. 

The organization is using Windows for its PDC, and probably will continue to
do so for some time, so replacing it is of no importance. All I want to do
is use *their* LDAP server to authenticate people to access SAMBA
fileshares. Everyone uses Win2K & XP clients, and I want to go against the
corporate LDAP box to validate when users wish to mount network drives. I'm
trying to make a mass-storage server available without all the headaches and
$$ of managing a Windows box.

Is this possible? Any good links on this for me to dig on my own? Any help
would be deeply appreciated!


Ryan Hulslander
ryan.hulslander at ps.net

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