[Samba] Logon Home

Benilton de Sa Carvalho carvalho at ime.unicamp.br
Tue Jul 15 14:30:18 GMT 2003

Hi, thank you for your attention!

Btw, I'm trying to implement a solution using:

include = /etc/samba/smb.%g.conf

By this line, I want to include different customizations for different

The problem is that it's not working... But, if I change %g for a valid
group, it works.

Do you know how to help me?


Benilton Carvalho
Red Hat Linux i18n Team

On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Rob Sell wrote:

>Here is my logon path from my smb.conf \\%N\profiles\%u  where %N is samba
>dir and %u is the username. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking for
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>Hi all,
>I'm in doubt about setting "logon home" and "path - in [homes]"
>I have one group of users for which the home directories are in
>How should I set "logon home"??? If I set "logon home" it isn't needed to
>set "path" inside [homes], right?
>Benilton Carvalho
>Red Hat Linux i18n Team
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