[Samba] Perverse behaviour of Office XP

Dave Addison dave at redmoor.org.uk
Sun Jul 13 13:20:39 GMT 2003


I'm trying to find out why Office XP programs set the read only flag on 
files the first time they are saved.

This happens when the files are saved to shares on a Samba server 
running 2.2.8a, not when files are saved to a local disk of a share on 
an XP pro machine.

I can create files with the "New document" shell menu in Windows 
explorer and these have the expected permissions. I can then open them 
in Word or Excel and hit the save button and the "read only" flag is 
set. If I then close Word, clear the flag, open the document in Word and 
resave, the flag remains cleared.

Is Office XP using some sort of extended status information which isn't 
initially defined to determine the setting of the flag? Has anyone seen 
this problem and come up with a Samba based workaround? Or am I doomed 
to wait for a service pack for XP office which fixes this properly?
Dave Addison
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