[Samba] VMware and NetBios Problem

Mike - EMAIL IGNORED m_d_berger_1900 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 11 02:30:56 GMT 2003

With WinXP host, RH8 VMware guest, at level 3, I issue:

   mount -t smbfs -o user,noauto,dmask=777,fmask=777,username=xx,
   password=yy //DELLBOX/linuxShare /mnt/linuxShare

and get:

  Connection to DELLBOX failed
  SMB connection failed
  timeout connecting to
  Error connecting to

I cannot find this IP address anywhere. My tables indicate
that port 139 is related to NETBIOS, but I don't know how
to deal with this.  Where is this NETBIOS, and how is it
controlled? I note that the box in question is not using
192.168. type IP addresses.

Suggestions would be much appreciated.


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