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RalfLuebben at gmx.de RalfLuebben at gmx.de
Wed Jul 9 21:30:03 GMT 2003

I have two questions on heartbeat: 
I use heartbeat 1.0.3, Drbd 0.6.4 and Samba 2.2.8a. 
I have two SAMBA-servers with SUSE 8.0, every server has a own filesystem. 
The home directorys should be mirrowed by drbd and heartbeat manage the 
1. How can I run heartbeat at startup? I make the links in rc0.d,rc3.d, 
rc5.d and rc6.d, but nothing happend. A manual start works without 
2. The second problem is samba. The takeover with heartbeat works. The 
mirrow is working, too. On both servers samba is running, but I can only 
announce on the server which first get into the domain. On both servers 
the files: smbpasswd, smb.conf, passwd and shadow are the same. Have I 
forgot to copy one file? Or the announcement don't work, although samba is 
Ralf Lübben 

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