[Samba] NIS homedir

Paul Smith paul at cnt.org
Wed Jul 9 21:41:13 GMT 2003

I have a Samba (2.2.8a) PDC on one FreeBSD box, and a fileserver on another
FreeBSD box (both 4.8-RELEASE). I have user home directories on the
fileserver and they are exported via NFS. I would like to have them been
available via Samba (via the /homes share) without having to NFS-mount them 
on the PDC. So, it seems as if the configuration options "nis homedir" and
"homedir map" are my ticket in.

So, I tried a simple map in a file 'amd.homes' something with like this:

someuser	fileserver:/u/someuser

And added to my smb.conf these lines:

nis homedir = yes
homedir map = amd.homes

I added amd.homes as an available NIS map, and verified its export with:

ypcat -k amd.homes

I have Samba (2.2.8a) installed on the fileserver, but now I am stumped. If
the point of "nis homedir" is to directly mount the NFS-exported home
directory, how does Samba on the fileserver come in? How should I configure
the installation of Samba on the fileserver, specifically in the [/homes]

Paul Smith <paul at cnt.org>
Webmaster/Systems Administrator
Center for Neighborhood Technology
Chicago, Illinois USA

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