[Samba] adding domain accounts to XP local admin group

Doug Wolfe doug.wolfe at optigate.net
Wed Jul 9 21:01:02 GMT 2003

anyone else run into this?  I am using samba 2.2.4 as a PDC for win2000 clients. 
  we got a couple winXP machines and after researching and finding the registry 
hack and the policies hack everything works great.  the only issue is giving the 
domain user account LOCAL admin access by adding the domain account to the local 
administrators group.  I can add the account just fine AS LONG AS the username 
is 10 characters or less.  any username of more than 10 characters generates an 
"object not found" error.  I have searched the forums and web but I seem to be 
unique with this problem.  any ideas?  Please email me directly.  thanks
Doug Wolfe
Optigate Networks
888-464-0837 ext 1501

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