[Samba] Pseudo-GPO Support for Samba

Matt Neimeyer lists at neimeyer.org
Wed Jul 9 16:51:10 GMT 2003

>Since GPOs are essentially registry entries, it might be somewhat easy to 
>implement a simple program that could give admins that fine-grain control 
>that is missing from NT4-style .pol files.
>What I would like to propose is a simple Win32 executable that could read 
>from an encrypted text file (so the end-user can't change the entries) and 
>stick those into the registry via logon scripting. I'm not one of those 
>people that say "OK, here's an idea now someone make it," I'm perfectly 
>willing and able to contribute.
>My questions for this are:
>- Am I barking up the wrong tree? Is there already another workaround?
>- Would anyone out there actually use it?
>- Is it truly practical?

While it doesn't support encrypted files (to my knowledge) I use Kixtart to 
do all my registry edits in the startup scripts. The program isn't all that 
actively developed though...

However, the advantage that GPO's had when I used them is that they seem to 
take effect immediatly where some of the registry edits with kixtart 
don't... I assume those settings are already read by the time I try and 
change them. For example, moving the My Documents folder by editing the 
registry doesn't take effect until the user logs off and back on... with a 
GPO it's effective the first time...

So if you can find a way to fix that... I'll be there if you need things 


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