[Samba] 64 bit lock offset messages

CHENEY,JOHN (HP-Australia,ex3) john.cheney at hp.com
Wed Jul 9 13:53:56 GMT 2003


This occurs because some clients send a lock request that samba ends up
translating into all ones - on a 64bit filesystem, this is not a valid lock
range, and we end up generating these level zero debug messages.  If you
have an application that does this A LOT, it could be a performance issue
otherwise I don't blieve it is indicative of a major problem and it
definitely does not have to involve NFS filesystems.

Interestingly in the past we had thought that this was resolved in 2.2.8a,
but it seems you have evidence it is not.  So we should be checking the
2.2.8a source.  Have a look for these lines in locking/posix.c:

+	 * We must truncate the count to less than

+	if (u_count & ~((SMB_BIG_UINT)max_positive_lock_offset))
 		count = max_positive_lock_offset;


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