[Samba] samba-ldap

Thomas Dewar tdr at infobi.com
Wed Jul 9 13:39:53 GMT 2003

I am trying to use samba and ldap to control user access to shared 
The authentication of our users is done thanks to ldap.
My Ldap tree defines each directory which needs to be shared and the 
groups that have acces to this directory.
A element of my tree is represented like this :
	dn: ou=groupe1,ou=writeGroup,cn=directory1,dc=company,dc=com
	objectClass: organizationalUnit
	ou: groupe1
this element says that group1 has a write access to directory1.

Does anybody know how Samba can consult the ldap tree in order to check 
that a user, who belongs to the group1, has acces to the directory1.

thanks for your help

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