[Samba] Samba newbie question

John Burmood jburmood at AeroSysEngr.com
Wed Jul 9 13:56:48 GMT 2003

Hello Everyone.
I'm having an issue with getting Samba to work correctly and am hoping
someone out there may have some helpful advice. My company is a primairly a
MS house so I'm fairly new to the Linux world (tired of spending $$$$ on the
other guy's software) and I've really had enjoyed my experiences with it so
far...until now.   I have a server system that I'm trying to get Samba to
work correctly on it and am running into some issues.  I've setup two shares
on the system- one to be a public share, the other to be restricted to only
allow a certain groupd of people.  Here's what I'm running into: on my
laptop (WinXP Pro), I can see the server in the network neighborhood listing
but when I try to access the the system, it pukes out one of the following
error messages:  "the Network path not found" or "The account is not
authorized to login from this system".   
>From what I've read on google, it would seem to be password encryption
problem, but after modfying the smb.conf file to allow encrypted passwords,
it didn't make a difference.  
I've worked on this issue for the better part of the last two days and I'm
not making any headway.  I know the answer is out there, I'm just not seeing
if anyone has any ideas, they are greatly appreciated.

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