[Samba] Re: Windows XP logon and Samba PDC

Dr. Peter Hopfgarter hopfgartner at rolmail.net
Sun Jul 6 09:10:03 GMT 2003

On Fri, 04 Jul 2003 23:03:42 +0200, Daniel Zeiss wrote:

> Régis,
>> i've tried all the modifications i-ve found to login with Windows XP Pro
>> client on a Samba Server as PDC but nothing have worked. 
> which is not a very telling error description, but I assume that 
> something very early went wrong.
> I have had the same problem, see my earlier posts some 3-4 weeks ago.
> nobody did and could help me.
> It seems to me that SAMBA is _not compatible_ with WinXP.
> On some sites it seems to work on others it doesnt. Perhaps it is a 
> question of patchlevel, WinXP version (french, german, english), 
> Installation type (native, images (ghost, driveimage, partimage)) or 
> what ever.
> I also wrote a summary on what I found on the web to be advice for this 
> problem, but still no developer or Samba guru could answer the question.
> But what is worse, NOBODY COULD TELL ME HOW TO DEBUG and to FIND OUT 
> what is going wrong.
> So with this little information I quit using Samba as PDC. Samba now is 
> peer2peer server only. Alread had a thought on getting Win2003 Server 
> for PDC. I dont want all the Active Directory stuff. I just want to have 
> central user authentification and roaming profiles. but....no chance 
> with WinXP I guess.
> Keep up digging, perhaps you will have more luck in discovering whats 
> wrong. (please drop me a note)
> bye
> Daniel

We have 3 WinXP boxes in a domain with Samba 3.0beta1 as a PDC. When
setting up the domain, we had to register the machines manually (adduser
machine1$, smbpasswd -a -m machine1, with the appropriate options as
described in the HOWTO). Changing the documented
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NetLogon\Parameters\requiresignorseal to 0 everthing worked fine.
Have you tried to register the machines manually?


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