[Samba] Windows XP logon and Samba PDC

robowarp at gmx.de robowarp at gmx.de
Sun Jul 6 12:04:37 GMT 2003

> Régis,
> > i've tried all the modifications i-ve found to login with Windows XP Pro
> > client on a Samba Server as PDC but nothing have worked. 
> which is not a very telling error description, but I assume that 
> something very early went wrong.
> I have had the same problem, see my earlier posts some 3-4 weeks ago.
> nobody did and could help me.
> It seems to me that SAMBA is _not compatible_ with WinXP.
> On some sites it seems to work on others it doesnt. Perhaps it is a 
> question of patchlevel, WinXP version (french, german, english), 
> Installation type (native, images (ghost, driveimage, partimage)) or 
> what ever.
> I also wrote a summary on what I found on the web to be advice for this 
> problem, but still no developer or Samba guru could answer the question.
> But what is worse, NOBODY COULD TELL ME HOW TO DEBUG and to FIND OUT 
> what is going wrong.
> So with this little information I quit using Samba as PDC. Samba now is 
> peer2peer server only. Alread had a thought on getting Win2003 Server 
> for PDC. I dont want all the Active Directory stuff. I just want to have 
> central user authentification and roaming profiles. but....no chance 
> with WinXP I guess.
> Keep up digging, perhaps you will have more luck in discovering whats 
> wrong. (please drop me a note)
> bye
> Daniel
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ive tested today samba 3 beta 2 as pdc
with allready posted smb.conf,
i was able to join smb domain with creating machine account on the fly 
with a clean fresh installed , with all security  uploads which was possible
and win xp serv. pack 1a german edition without any problem,
no reg patch etc was needed
your problem must be in your smb.conf or depend on compile
the only problem i discovered are permission mappings and userdelete (which
dont works yet)
post your smb.conf

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