[Samba] linux server completely hangs copying files with samba

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Sun Jan 26 16:08:00 GMT 2003

>> >Which IDE chipset? We ran our network on a machine runnning
>> >essentially 9.0 (cooker but with 2.4.19-16mdk kernel, and most
>> >server components and libraries haven't changed) on a 120GB
>> >IDE disk for a week with no problems, with dma enabled. So
>> >it might be chipset specific.
>> Good question! The chipset in my case was i845 from Intel.
>> I had it running for a month in a sandbox with only a couple
>> of clients, but when I eventually took it into production and
>> added 40 clients it would simply freeze from time to time
>> necessitating a cold start.
>IIRC, the i845 does give problems with DMA enabled under 2.4.19,
>I think smoe people are having more success with the latest 
>kernels ...

It is a sensitive thing when 40 other guys depend on it.
You don't have much time to fix bugs in kernel. Your
mission is to let the users work. So you cut corners.

>> My distro is SuSE 8.1, but 2.4.19 is 2.4.19 is 2.4.19, right?
>> I'd never go back to IDE even if I knew the problem is
>> solved. At my home I can use anything, it doesn't matter.
>> But a file server may be privileged with a couple of decent
>> SCSI drives if you're serious. And besides, 15 Krpm LVD disks
>> are a lot faster than 7200 IDEs and I can string many more on
>> the same wire.
>And even better if you cah do hardware RAID ... and then use LVM 
>over that ;-). Our new Dell PowerEdge 2500 has 5*36GB/15k LVDs
>setup like that, and is stable as a rock (so far, it's only been
>in production for a few weeks).

Yeah. I had to make do with a Compaq 5300 controller and 
StorageWorks enclosures with 72 GB disks. Of course LVM
is a must to slice the RAID into a boot, swap, root and
data volumes. So if the PC burns I can just plug the whole
box into another PC. It rocks a lot faster if you can
stripe-n-mirror but I had to fall back to RAID-5 because
a) the people needed more place than speed and b) it is
still far faster than a non-mirrorred stripe I made with
fast IDE drives. And besides, I switched to reiserfs -
lot of performance gains in directory manipulation

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