[Samba] bug - white paper

David Morel david.morel at amakuru.net
Sun Jan 26 20:17:01 GMT 2003

Joel Hammer wrote:
> This multiple print job issue was discussed on the list a while back. You might
> search the archives.
> In printing from windows, basically, the client tells the printer how
> many copies to print. Samba doesn't get involved. I believe there is
> no variable to encode the number of jobs. Instead, the print file
> contains that information. Samba just sends the print file to the
> printer. From that point, it is up to the printer and the print
> file to figure out what do do. This may be a printer driver problem.
> Even printing from linux, the number of jobs is encoded in the print
> file if you are printing to a samba supplied queue from an application
> like abiword.
> Only when printing from the linux command line do you specify the number of jobs,
> and then, samba isn't involved.
> The extrapage of white paper may be a driver problem, too.
> Or, maybe the samba queue in /etc/printcap doesn't have the :sh parameter.
> Or, maybe this has nothing to do with your problem!
> Joel
> On Sun, Jan 26, 2003 at 04:50:10PM +0100, matthias_mosimann at gmx.net wrote:
>>Hello everybody
>>I've got a problem with samba, following I've done:
>>Installing cups and samba on a working debian system. The printer print
>>correctly and nearly all is working fine expect the printer give me at
>>the end of each print an empty white paper. But only if I print over
>>Windows. If I print from the debian directly all works fine. I'm also
>>not able to print more than one Example of a document. That means if I
>>want to print 2 or more examples of a document, the printer prints
>>always one. Some idea what could be work wrong, ever heard of that bug?

Looks much more like a cups issue to me (especially the blank page, 
kinda gswrapper problem). Moreover, you didn't tell what the printing 
parameters where in your smb.conf, what printer you use, what driver you 
use on windows clients, etc.

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