[Samba] Re: Question !!!

Jim jcllings at tsunamicomm.net
Tue Jan 21 22:28:00 GMT 2003

I've never done this but I do have some leads for you.
If you open the user in directory_administrator you will find a checkbox 
that is pertinent.  ;-)

Also I assume that you will require a poplulated ou=Hosts in accordance 
with http://www.mandrakesecure.net/en/docs/ldap-auth.php and of course 
appropriate acl settings so that this data can be accessed.  Be careful 
with the servers /etc/ldap.conf settings.  You may need to make some 
changes to the search parameters so that the system can find the stuff 
under ou=Hosts.

Jim C.

Amilkar Sanz Lara wrote:
> Hi, before my situation: I have a samba server like a domain server for 
> my subnet(win2k). I need limit the access to this domain for certain 
> users on certains machine. For example, Bob olny cant work on \\casiopea 
> <file://\\casiopea> and he can´t work on \\orion <file://\\orion>
> How i cant do it that !?
> I try to put in the netlogon section the line that may me to do it that, 
> but really, it don´t work:
> i test the file smb.conf, and i write the section logon like follow
> [netlogon]
> .
> invalid users = bob
> .
> when i conect from orion i hope that the the system report an error, but 
> really itsn´t happen, the users Bob can loged on the domain
> when i put the line on the global section, the system report error: the 
> computer account don loged in the primary domain
> what happend !?
> I´m wait for help !!
> Thank´s
> amilkar

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