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John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Wed Jan 15 21:47:06 GMT 2003

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Robert Adkins wrote:

> 	Unless your users are using Outlook (or virtually any E-mail client for
> that matter) I have a few users with .PST files that are over 1Gig in
> size. This is due to the regular amount of data files that we are sent. I
> have discussed with them the need to trim those files down.

Under NT/2K the use of mandotory profiles forces the use of MS Exchange
storage of mail data. That keeps desktop profiles usable.

> 	However, that isn't something that they are considering doing. My hands
> are pretty tied with that right now.

Time to untie them! :)

> 	In the near future, I am planning on replacing the current "locally"
> stored .PST files with an IMAP server. There are a few other things that
> I can do after that to cut down on the logon/logoff time. However, I have
> other more pressing matters to attend to.

Good idea!

> Anyway, our network speed is swift enough to get those logoffs down to
> about twenty minutes or so...(Crazy I know, but that's what it takes.)
> Logons are thankfully much faster.

I am glad I do not have to wait 20 minutes! Argh!

- John T.

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> On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, C.Lee Taylor wrote:
> > Greetings ...
> >
> > 	This is a stupid question which have been wanting to ask for awhile,
> > and hope somebody can help me.
> >
> > 	Profiles, if I understand it correctly come in two forms, local and
> > roaming?  Now local in on the computer the user uses and roaming is one
> > that is download from the server when the user logs in.
> Correct.
> > 	Now, where my problem is, when I have some users who have huge
> > documents folder, this log on and log off takes a long time, not
> mention
> > the problems I have run into when their computer is turn off
> > incorrectly.  I am sure this is a Micro$oftism, but is there a way to
> > use roaming profiles, but have then use directly off the server and not
> > copied to and from the server at login and logout?
> This is simply a symptom of BAD BAD BAD practice. You need to educate
> your
> users that they should store documents on a drive share. Keep profiles
> clean and small by making them mandatory. See the Win2K/WinXP resource
> kits for details how to create a mandatory profile. This forces your
> users
> to use network drives instead of dropping their poop all over the shop.
>  - John T.
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